Rosetta DeBerardinis

Artist Statement

The content of this body of paintings is intended to represent my artistic excellence and the achievement of my professional goals. These paintings exhibit the varied forms within the cannons of abstraction through gesture, geometric form, expressionism, Color Field and the Washington Color School. A creative execution driven by both process and technique. My work is about form, materials, color, energy, expression, texture, freedom, experimentation and passion.

The work presented is process driven incorporating mediums and new materials such as salt, bleach, beeswax, glass beads, pastels, pumice gels, enamel, tempera and pigments to add textures, expand and enhance the substrate. I begin without an agenda. It is my goal to take a blank surface and successfully convert it into a dialogue or formal discussion. It is the viewer’s engagement, response and interpretation that gives the work meaning. And, each viewer’s perception is correct, there is no wrong response.

There is no representational narrative. I aim to achieve subtle reaction and to evoke some emotional or visual response. The viewer is not expected to see what I see, but to use the work as a source for their individual perception based upon their personal filters be it the heart, soul, brain or their eye. Each painting requires laying and interlocking materials. The work begins and ends with a dance. There is no sound in the studio. The creative process writes the tempo and is the only beat. I watch the pigment spread, drip, melding, expand and shrink, then merge and part again repeating until dry-forever changing.


© 2011 Rosetta DeBerardinis.